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Work from the Lu lab at USC

*Corresponding author

Velema WA* and Lu Z* (2023). Chemical RNA crosslinking: mechanisms, computational analysis, and biological applications. JACS Au, in press.

Lee WH and Lu Z* (2023). Integrated analysis of crosslink-ligation data for the detection of RNA 2D/3D conformations in vivo. Methods in Molecular Biology, in press.

Lee WH and Lu Z* (2023). Chemical crosslinking and ligation methods for in vivo analysis of RNA structures and interactions. Methods in Enzymology, in press.

Van Damme R, Li K, Zhang M, Bai J, Lee WH, Yesselman JD, Lu Z* and Velema WA* (2022) (Lu lab members underlined) Chemical Reversible Crosslinking Enables Measurement of RNA 3D Distances and Alternative Conformations in Cells. Nature Communications, 13:911. Recommended by Faculty Opinions, Dr. Janusz Bujnicki (

Zhang M, Hwang IT, Li K, Bai J, Chen JF, Weissman T, Zou JY and Lu Z* (2022) Classification and clustering of RNA crosslink-ligation data reveal complex structures and homodimers. Genome Research, 32: 1-18.

Zhang M, Li K, Bai J, Velema WA, Yu C, van Damme R, Lee WH, Corpuz ML, Chen JF, Lu Z* (2021) Optimized photochemistry and enzymology enable efficient analysis of RNA structures and interactions in cells and virus infectionsNature Communications, 12:2344.

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Postdoc work at Stanford University

Lu Z and Chang HY (2018) The RNA Base-pairing Problem and Base-pairing Solutions. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. Also as a book chapter in RNA Worlds: New tools for deep exploration, fifth edition. PDF

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Lu Z, Chang HY (2016) Decoding the RNA structurome. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 36:142- 148. PDF

PhD work at UNC Chapel Hill

Lu Z, Filonov GS, Noto JJ, Schmidt CA, Hatkevich T,Wen Y, Jaffrey SR andMatera AG, (2015) Metazoan tRNA introns generate stable circular RNAs in vivo. RNA 21:1-12. PDF

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Undergrad work at Fudan University

Wang H, Zhang SY, Wang S, Lu J, Wu W, Weng L, Chen D, Zhang Y, Lu Z, Yang J, Chen Y, Zhang X, Chen X, Xi C, Lu D, Zhao S, (2009) REV3L confers chemoresistance to cisplatin in human gliomas: The potential of its RNAi for synergistic therapy. Neuro-Oncology 11: 790-802. PDF

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